Our Programme

1. General

Physical Development
Children are given opportunities to develop their gross and fine motor skills through interesting and creative activities both indoors and outdoors.

Social Skills Development
Children are guided and instructed in the acquisition of desirable social skills. They are given opportunities to discuss and role-play situations in learning acceptable social behaviour.
Moral & Spiritual Development
Moral instruction is delivered through daily class devotions and weekly chapel sessions. These sessions incorporate meaningful Bible stories, songs and games presented in interesting and innovative ways to help children develop a strong value system.
2. Pre-Nursery Playgroup

The Pre-Nursery Playgroup programme, which is flexible and less structured, has creative play and the multiple intelligences of children as its underlying philosophical basis. Thematic activities and learning materials from Key to Learning all foster the different developmental areas of the children.

St. James' Church Kindergarten is the first preschool in Asia to use Key to Learning, an early childhood programme based on the educational and developmental theories of Vygotsky. Children will pick up language and numeracy skills, as well as social skills through an integrated process of learning through creative play.

Art and craft, construction, cookery, dramatic play, music and movement, outdoor activities, physical development, sand and water play, and story-telling sessions are all features of the Pre-Nursery Playgroup programme.

3. Nursery, K1 & K2
Our English programme aims to develop children’s literacy skills and competence in the language. The phonics component teaches children the basic skills in reading and spelling decodable words, as well as recognising sight words. The programme combines stories, rhymes, literacy activities, reading, spelling and creative writing. Together with our in-house materials, we use 8 readers per year from Nursery to K2.
Our thematic approach helps develop children's interest in Mandarin by building their language abilities through listening, speaking, recognising Chinese characters and reading. The programme combines stories, songs, rhymes, literacy activities, games, reading and writing, and introduces children to the Chinese culture, customs and good values.
Our Mathematics programme emphasises the development of fundamental Mathematical concepts from the concrete to the abstract. The language-oriented and problem-solving approach involves interesting hands-on activities that make Mathematics fun and challenging. We use a combination of our own materials and an Australian programme, Growing with Mathematics.
Art & Craft
Activities like painting, printing, drawing, collage work and handcraft allow children another medium of expression that is fun and absorbing. Attention is focused on aesthetic appreciation and creativity. Besides individual art creations, children will also be involved in group art projects. There is often integration between art activities and other activities in the programme, and we use a combination of our own materials and an American programme, State of the Art Program (Visual Arts).
Music & Movement
While elements of music and movement are interwoven into the teaching of English, Chinese and Mathematics, there is a separate time set aside for the exploration of music and movement in a creative and imaginative manner. Some activities may be structured to develop certain musical and coordination skills while others may be improvisatory in nature allowing greater freedom of expression and individuality.
Creative and Critical Thinking
During Creative and Critical Thinking lessons, children have the opportunity to express their thoughts and ideas. It is a time where children are encouraged to ask questions and to come up with logical answers themselves. The emphasis is on the observation of the environment using all the senses. Components of the MATAL Early Childhood Programme from Israel form the basis in developing these critical thinking skills.
Learning Centre Activities
Various learning centres, including art, construction, dramatic, English, Chinese, Mathematics and library, are set up in the classrooms to provide opportunities for independent learning. Learning centres offer a variety of activities and materials that cater to the multiple intelligences of children, and children can choose to go to the learning centres that interest them.
Project Work
Every year in Term 3, the children will spend several weeks on project work based on the Project Approach. We believe that involvement in project work will enrich and add a new dimension to children's learning, which is fairly fluid in nature, and the children play an integral part in making choices and determine the direction it takes. Different classes explore different topics.

Project work is done in three phases:

Phase 1 - Brainstorming, questioning, discussing & planning
Phase 2 - Investigating, interviewing & field trip
Phase 3 - Selecting, compiling information & presenting

Project work culminates in an Open House where children present and share with their parents what they have learnt.
  3.9 Speech & Drama (English/Chinese)
This provides a conducive platform for self-expression. Children are guided in developing correct speech and articulation as well as vocal and facial expression through interesting activities involving recitation, characterisation and mime.
4. Special Activities

While these special activities are optional, children are strongly encouraged to participate. Parents are required to sign a consent form and make the necessary payments for these activities.

Excursions/Field Trips
The children are taken on excursions or field trips thrice a year, in Terms 2, 3 and 4. These provide enriching opportunities for children to visit places resulting in meaningful learning experiences. These trips create lasting and memorable impressions in the minds of the children.
Annual Concert
This is the highlight of the year and a much talked-about event. Our concerts are musicals of exceptionally high quality and are a feast for the senses. Every child in K1 and K2 is given an opportunity to participate in this exciting event.
We offer a variety of camps for Nursery, K1 & K2 children, especially during the term holidays. Children will enjoy the fun-filled as well as educational and creative camp activities.
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